I have been an explorer my whole life.   From a very young age I’ve looked for the road less traveled, marveling in those experiences that took me the farthest from where I had been before.

  • Eco Challenge competition of 300 miles of running, biking and horseback with Team Nike;
  • Extensive inner exploration via meditation and mindfulness;
  • Exploration of many caves, mapping areas never seen by man;

Global exploration by surfing, sailing, rafting, running, diving, biking, to name a few.

I started my camera education at the age of eight on a 1920’s Ica A.G. Icarette 501 with black and white 120 roll film.  I shot photos on camping, rafting and hiking trips all along the west coast of the US and Canada.  As I composed my subject matter, what most fascinated me was the dance between the world, the light, and the use of angle and time of day to work the shot.  To this day I am in love with that dance.

  • The meditative stillness of mind required to listen to our world and allow it to share its secrets;
  • The dance of creativity between the world and the framing, composition, shapes, lighting, and so many other parts of the available choices of perspective;
  • The culmination of the dance in that moment when the shutter captures the moment.

I love the dance.  I hope you do too, and that within the walls of this photo gallery you find something that lights an emotion, a memory or sense of awe that will make your day, home or gift a more satisfying one.